Welcome to Dr Tamarin Holton’s Practice

Homeopathic practitioner and Iridologist in Krugersdorp.

Dr Tamarin Holton, fondly known by her patients as Dr Tammy, is a registered Homeopath and has been practicing since 2007. She runs a general family practice, treating patients from birth to senior (geriatric), and practices from Krugersdorp on the West Rand in Johannesburg.

Dr Holton’s main philosophy is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of patients’ conditions and not just to mask the symptoms. She is passionate about treating patients to encourage and stimulate their body’s healing ability.

A Holistic Approach

Dr Holton believes in a holistic approach to treatment, therefore taking the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing into consideration. She treats each patient as an individual where each patient’s script and treatment plan are unique to their specific requirements, including a focus on:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition

Dr Holton has a special interest in mental and emotional wellbeing and is passionate about treating conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other trauma-related issues.

She performs thorough tests, including physical examinations and will also send patients for special investigations when required, such as blood tests (phlebotomy), ultrasounds and x-rays.

Dr Tamarin Holton
Homeopathic practitioner and Iridologist
M tech Hom (UJ)

Dr Holton can also make use of the following modalities during a consultation:


Iridology is the analysis and observation of the iris (coloured part of the eye). Each person’s iris is as unique as their fingerprint and the information gained is often found to be of great interest to patients. The colour, patterns and other characteristics of the iris are examined with this test, giving information about the patient’s systemic health.

Biores Machine (electro-acupuncture machine)

The Biores Machine is a gentle, non-invasive tool that uses the acupuncture points on fingers and toes that run along with the meridian points. This tool provides information such as systemic and hormonal imbalances, allergies, organ function and digestive ailments, to name just a few.

Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

Live Blood Analysis is the microscopic analysis of live, unmodified capillary blood. It’s not very invasive and only requires a small droplet of blood taken from the patient’s finger. The patient can observe their blood on a screen as the analysis is done. This tool empowers and educates the patient on the impact of diet and lifestyle and the changes necessary. Various abnormalities can be identified, including imbalances, weaknesses and nutritional deficiencies. This is particularly helpful with digestive complaints. 

*Please take note:
Patients are required to request for an LBA when booking an appointment, as it not included with a standard consultation.

Contact Dr Holton

Dr Holton is a registered Homeopath and Iridologist and runs a family practice from Krugersdorp. The practice is open from Monday to Friday, as well as alternate Saturdays.

Please kindly note that appointments are required.

Contact number details:

12 Cnr Cilliers Street & Piet Joubert Ave

082 714 9739